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Jai Kumar Sharma is Indian native with a vast experience of over 25 years in visual journalism, he provides design solutions, conducts infographic workshops and gives consultancy on print and digital media. As a graphic and design consultant, he conducted workshops on infographics in India, Sri Lanka, Spain, Portugal and other countries.
Till recently Jai was working as a consultant graphics editor with The Economic Times, the world’s second largest business daily. Prior to setting up Asia Media Design (AMD), he was associated with India’s top media houses such as The Hindustan Times, The Indian Express, Outlook, Outlook Traveller, India Today and The Times of India. As a design lead, he successfully launched many graphics and design projects with the world’s best known media brands. As a trained mountaineer and mountain sports enthusiast, he has written extensively on travel and environment. Jai is also co-author of a book on Trekking in Himalayas.

Jai Kumar Sharma
asia media design The Economic Times (Consultant Graphics Editor)
June 2008 – May 2012
Created a new design style for infographics and visuals. Managed a team of graphic designers across 11 editions throughout the country. Worked on various special projects as well as on multiple supplements. Redesigned special issues such as budget, elections and so on. Conceptualized and coordinated various graphics and design projects with desk and news bureaus on day to day basis to maintain the quality of graphic design.

amd graphics
asia media design   Indian Express (National Graphics Editor) Aug 2006–June 2008
Supervised a team of graphic designers across national and state editions. Created special templates, libraries and graphic formats for multiple editions. Team worked on a new design of the main paper and its various daily and weekly supplements.

asia media design   The Hindustan Times (Graphics Editor) Jul 2005 – Aug 2006
Headed team of graphic designers of leading newspaper of India. Multi-edition daily with close to a million circulations is known for its design and graphics quality, Team designed new Mumbai editon of HT.

asia media design   The Outlook Group (Graphics Consultant) Mar 2000 – Jul 2005
Worked on several projects of the magazine including special editions, graphics and standalone info-visuals. Generated several cover designs for the magazine. Created many wall-size maps for Outlook Traveller magazine in coordination with various state tourism departments. Also designed tourist guidebooks for the Outlook Group.

Design Consultant 
Worked on various design projects of Luster Press, Roli Books for designing several coffee table books and travel guides. Designed books and covers for Himalaya House and various other national publications.

asia media design   India Today (Graphics Editor) Feb 1993 – Mar 2000
Worked on design, covers, supplements and infographics of Asia’s leading news magazine.

asia media design   Observer Group (Design Director) Apr 1990 – Feb 1993
Designed the masthead of the newspaper, main paper, supplements and graphics of known daily newspaper of the time.

asia media design   The Times of India Jan 1989 – Apr 1990
Worked on several graphic and design projects of world’s leading English daily including its Hindi and evening tabloid.

asia media design   Design and Graphic Workshops (2000–2007)
Conducted design and Infographics workshops in Colombo, Mumbai, Lisbon and Madrid for use of infograhics and creation of interactive design for newspapers and magazines in tight deadlines.

asia media design
asia media design
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